Interested in building your career in China – What ? Why ? How ?


Work in China

China’s economy is one of the fastest growing ones in the world and therefore offers a huge variety in job positions to be filled by foreigners. Not only English teachers are dearly needed, but many international firms (or foreign-invested enterprises) and a growing number of Chinese firms are looking for expats to work in China as well. Let’s take a look at the different fields a foreigner can work in:



IT jobs in China

IT jobs in China can be mostly found in Shanghai, Beijing’s Zhongguancun Hi-Tech Development Zone as well as in Shenzhen, a southern city at the sea. Many Chinese small and medium-sized technology firms are looking for employees in the IT sector, because of the commitment to developing the technology industry in China and its rapid development of this industry.


Sales and marketing jobs in China

Many Chinese firms are looking for expats in order to explore the foreign markets for various products as Chinese export numbers are increasing. Therefore, work opportunities in Marketing and Sales are rising day by day with tasks focusing on handling Sales for corporate clients or advertising the products in foreign markets. It is important to note that speaking Mandarin will raise your chances to find a job or to obtain a higher salary. Understanding Chinese business customs and etiquette is also very advantageous for succeeding in this line of business.



The demand for foreign engineers in China is very high due to many infrastructural programs taking place in China and on an international scale as well. Foreign engineers can especially help to solve differences in engineering practices which vary from their home country to China. Chinese and International companies of the sectors of renewable energy, oil and gas, automotive and heavy industry are employing many foreign engineers.



Editors wanting to come to China to gain some experience abroad can find a broad variety of different opportunities. Many media companies in major Chinese cities are looking for foreigners to broadcast Chinese news or China’s activities to the rest of the world. Although these jobs do usually not include translation from Mandarin to English or another language – as often you need to edit already translated articles – knowledge in Mandarin is a plus in this field of work as you function as a cultural translator from East to West. The field of journalism is usually as well paid as teaching jobs in China with the difference that the work is less exhausting. Sometimes though, working hours might be weird as some news syndicates publish 24/7 around the world.



Education – most and foremost teaching English – is one of China’s fasted growing industries for foreigners. It is crucial to point out however, that this market is closing down for only English natives in educational background. Except teaching English, universities as well as private high schools, English immersion schools and elite private tutoring companies are looking for teachers teaching different subjects in English. Some companies are also looking for teachers teaching their employees business English.



Why work in China?

One of the main reasons to work in China is the international exposure and experience you can gain not only on a personal, but also on a professional level. Be aware though that the cultural gap between the Western world and China is huge and many foreigners (reportedly 70%) return home before their contracts end, because they cannot cope with the high level of stress at work or with the Chinese living environment. If however, you succeed in your time in China this will boost your CV as living in such a culturally and linguistically different country proves your willingness to work in a new cultural environment and to experience a different market.



Qualifications for working China

China is not that different compared with any other country regarding the labor market: good hard and soft skills as well as language skills are needed to succeed here. Cheap labor in China is very common and if you want to negotiate for a good salary you should hold a college degree, if not some form of higher education.

The first and most advisable thing you can to if you want to work in China is learn Mandarin. It is true that you can survive without speaking Mandarin, but the “value of your face” is much higher if you can communicate. Not only it is very helpful in your everyday life, but also for your chances finding a job and a well-paid one too.


Next steps towards your future employment in China

If you are looking for ways to enter the Chinese labor market search for internships on our website and apply to us by sending us your CV. We are always looking forward to offering you a chance to be part of one of the world’s most important markets at the moment.

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