China has experienced rapid economic growth and social development in the past decade. In addition, China has successfully reached outstanding business achievements and played an important role in global business development.

Based on the current trend of international business development, We has established a Chinese Business Program that has partnerships with different universities and educational institutions in China. The program aims to provide an excellent international learning experience


About program

This program was composed in cooperation with German Universities. It has been running very successfully since September 1997. We have enrolled and trained more than 500 international students since then.

 Students trained in our program will get a certificate after completing the courses. Now many of our students graduated are working in the multi-national companies such as Siemens and Lucent. The reason why our students are highly demanded is that they are trained by experienced experts or professors in the field of business.

In each term we offer 7 courses for international students who are interested in Chinese Business.

Starting Date: March / September

Duration: Semester (15 weeks)

Teaching Language: English

Main Courses are as follows:


Detailed Courses

China and the World Economy
  • China in the World Economy: Geographical Perspective
  • China in the World Economy: Historical Perspective
  • China and EU Economy: TBT Issues
  • China and Russia Economy: Brothers or Partners?
  • China and USA: Impact of Subprime Mortgage Crisis?
  • China and Japan: From Flying Geese Models to What?
  • China and India: Comparison of Economic Strategies
  • China and Africa: Political vs. Economic Relations
  • China Energy Strategy: In-house Resolutions or Out-sourcing?
Business Management in China
  • Economic Reform and Structure
  • Human Resource Management in China
  • FDI in China
  • Healthcare system in China
  • Brand, Marketing and Consumer Choice
  • Business Culture in China
  • Luxury Brands Marketing
  • Business Environment in China
  • E-commerce in China
  • Science and Technology Advance
  • Banks and Financial System
Investment in China
  • Overview of International Investment
  • Foreign Exchange Rate Determination and Currency Risk Management
  • Investment Environments
  •  China's Real Estate Markets
  • Multinational Corporation
  • Venture Capital in China
  • China's Securities Market
  • China's Foreign Exchange Policy
  • M&A in China
  • RMB's Revaluation
  • China's Future Markets
Marketing Management in China
  • Market Oriented Strategic Planning
  • Scanning the Market Environment
  • Global Marketing
  • Entry strategies; Logistics
  • Analyzing Consumer Markets and Consumer Behavior
  • Setting the Product, Services and Branding Strategy
  • Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management
  • Advertising, Sales Promotion, PR and Direct Marketing
  • Retailing and Wholesaling
  • Market Entry and Market Research
  • Marketing Development
Cross-Culture Management
  • Chinese Cuisine
  • Language
  • Customs
  • Events
  • Religion
  • Literature and Art
  • Education
Basic Chinese
  • The sound of Chinese; Greetings and some Essential phrases
  • Introduction; some essential questions
  • Locations; Family; Time
  • Going shopping; Having a meal in a restaurant; Asking a way
  • Where did you go just now?; The Autumn is coming
  • I'll go home tomorrow; Have you been to Xiangshan
  • Traveling
  • The door is opening
  • She has gone out
  • Xi'an is warmer than Beijing
  • Please turn off the air condition; Have a good journey!
  • Outline of grammer, Review

Most large organizations today are looking for leaders who can easily and effectively move between countries and cultures, taking on expat assignments, understanding disparate markets, and managing diverse teams.

Guest Lectures

We also arrange guest lecturers from famous companies, banks and other institutes to enlarge our students' view on the situation in the fields of Chinese economy and culture.


Every week, there will be an excursion to local companies such as Haier, Hisense, Attorney's Office and other relevant places to show the students how the real business is done here in China. Many foreign companies, such as Qingdao Degussa Chemical Co. Ltd., Lucent Technologies Qingdao, and Maersk Container Industrial Qingdao Ltd. are also on our list of excursions.


MTA Network is offering you a wonderful opportunity to develop your personal and professional skills, while exploring China and immersing yourself into it’s fascinating culture.

We present to you our exciting Internship program located right here in China!

 After or before the completion of the ICBP course, we will find you a suitable Internship.

We will schedule a Skype interview to discuss the details of your application and to answer any questions you may have.

As soon as you decided which field of internship you want to go with, we will set up an interview between you and the company.

Support & Services

During your study period and Internship, MTA Network will provide following support and services:

  • Chinese classes
  • Airport pick up
  • Orientation pre-departure and upon- arrival  
  • Foreign exchange
  • Welcome package (discount cards of several restaurants and places)
  • Assistance with daily appliances (sim card, bus card, etc.) 
  • 24 hour emergency assistance
  • Extracurricular activities

Application Process and Dates

Application Documents:

  1. Application Form

  2. Copy of Passport

  3. Copy of Resume

  4. 2-inch photos (x2)


  • December 31, each year for Spring semester

  • June 20, each year for Autumn semester

Study Duration

  • 15 weeks

  • Spring Semester: March - June

  • Autumn Semester: September to December

Internship Duration

  • 6 months

  • July - December / September - February

  • January - June / March - August


The total package includes Application fees, Tuition fees, Excursion fees, Books fee, Accommodation and support and services.

The total Package cost: 45 000 RMB  for ICBP + Internship.