Life in Qingdao as an Expat

I’ve been living in Qingdao for 4 years and I can say the expat community here is awesome. When you decide to move to China, Qingdao might not be the first city on your list. But it should be. And this is why…

  1. International Schools

    Qingdao International Schools 2

    Qingdao International Schools

    If you are coming here with your family than you need to make sure your children can attend a good school. Well don’t worry, Qingdao has great International Schools. Here your children will learn a combination of Western and Chinese education, surrounded by a bilingual environment. The schools cover classes from pre-kindergarten to high school and will have teachers of different nationalities.
    Because of the level of education, facilities and equipment that the schools offer to their students, the prices are over average . But it is all for the good education of our children. And this makes it worth it.
    Click here  to check out some of the International Schools in Qingdao.

  2. Holidays and festivals

    Qingdao Holidays and Festivals

    Holidays and Festivals

    Chinese culture has many festivals and celebrations, but still they copy as many western traditions as possible. Even if the number of Christians is not very high in China, but Christmas and Easter are both celebrated by everyone. They decorate the streets, the shops, they play carols and have a lot of discounts in those periods. The international schools and the expat communities will organize, every Christmas and Easter, a fair where you can buy traditional food, decorations and anything specific for that holiday. All of it made by the expats with all the profits going for charity. Other celebrations include Halloween, New years and Valentine’s day, although they already have their own version of some of them.

  3. Hash House Harriers (HHH)
    If you are a running fan, Qingdao has a great running expat group. They call themselves “the drinking club with a running problem”. Every Saturday they organize group runs in different areas of Qingdao and sometimes even organize some competitions. At the end of each run the group sits down in a bar for a couple of drinks. This is a great way to enjoy your weekend, socialize with other expats, have a drink and work out at the same time.
  4. Redstar MagazineAs a foreigner it’s hard to keep up with things that happen in the city because of the language barrier. So, Qingdao expats created their own magazine. Redstar magazine is released at the beginning of each month and it keeps you up to date with all the activities and all the expat related news. It is the best place to read about your favorite restaurant, bar, coffee shop. Check out the theater program and learn about some of Qingdao more famous expats. And the best thing…it’s for free.
So if you are thinking of coming to China, pick Qingdao!


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