Living in China – Qingdao: The Beer City of China


I am a Romanian girl living in Qingdao for more than 4 years. At first I started out studying Chinese then I moved into work, now that I am working.  I can honestly say I have experienced different aspects of living in Qingdao and I would like to share what I have experienced with you.

Why come to Qingdao?

Qingdao may not be as big as other cities in China but I can promise you it has its perks. When I first came here it was not my choice. My parents were working here. But when they left….that is when I made my choice. And I chose to stay here, in Qingdao.

Sea vs. Mountain

Qingdao’s geographical position makes this city a really comfortable place to live in. Qingdao is located on the east coast of China, which makes it a very popular destination in the summer time, with a total number of 7 beaches.

If you don’t like going to the beach, don’t worry, Qingdao is surrounded by mountains. In summer you can go hiking and cherry picking, and in winter you can go skiing and enjoying all types of winter activities.

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Tranquility vs. Night life 

You would think that a small city (of 7 million people J) doesn’t really have much of a night life. Well you are wrong. It’s true that Qingdao has plenty of beautiful parks, quiet coffee shops and nice tea shops. But in the evening the city comes to life. Beautiful tall buildings decorated with colorful lights making the view from the coast amazing and a variety of bars and clubs booming with music and fun activities until early morning.

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Traditional vs. Modern

Qingdao was originally built around the, now, famous brewery, Tsingtao, by the Germans. Because of this, the old area of the city reflects a pleasant mixture of German and traditional Chinese culture and style. However Qingdao has grown a lot since then, and in the new areas, the city looks as tall and luxurious as any other modern Chinese city. With huge shopping malls and thousands of restaurants of different styles and cuisines.

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What about the air pollution in Qingdao?

Unfortunately pollution is a big issue in China these days and in some cities, like Beijing, it can get so bad that they have to close the city down. But fortunately I can say Qingdao’s air quality is much better than a lot of other cities in China and it never reaches up to an alarming level.


So to end this post I would like to mention that Qingdao is a city for everyone. If you are young, studying, enjoying late night parties, or you are a mature, working person that enjoys peaceful walks in the park, this is the place to be. I’ve chosen to live in Qingdao for over 4 years now, these are a few of the reasons why, I encourage you to explore more of our wonderful city.

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