Mid Autumn Festival in China – 中秋节

The Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节), also called the Chinese Moon Festival, is one of the most important annual festivals for the Chinese people. On this special day, family members come together to have dinner, spend time outdoors, eat moon cakes and appreciating the spectacular beauty of the full moon.

Below are four facts you should know about the Mid-Autumn Festival.

  1. When is it? 
    This lively festival takes place on the 15th day of the 8th Chinese lunar month every year, so its exact date by the Western calendar is different every time.
  2. You have to serve moon cakes.
    Moon cakes are an important dish that symbolize unity during the celebration. Typically sweet, the creation of this dessert varies across East and West China.
  3. Lanterns are a must during the celebration.
    Families that gather together typically give children lanterns. While lanterns are traditionally handmade with paper and a candle to light it.
  4. The festival is inspired by a folklore tale.
    It is said that the Mid-Autumn Festival is associated with the story of the Chinese moon goddess Chang’e. Legend has it that the goddess levitated to the moon when she drank the elixir of life, which was initially given to her husband for shooting down nine of the ten suns, leaving only one in the sky. Devastated without his wife, her husband would make sweet dishes that she liked and give it as a sacrifice to her.

Our interns having the experience to make Moon Cakes. To view all photos, click here.