Qingdao International Schools

An International School is a school that promotes international education.
Qingdao has a few big International Schools and I would like to say a few words about them as international schools are prestigious places to work.

School Structure

All of the Qingdao International Schools cover education for students from pr-kindergarten to high school level. This makes things easy for parents because they don’t have to move their children to different schools for each level of education. For teachers this can also be a plus because you might be able to teach different age groups of students while being in the same school.

School Facilities

Qingdao International Schools are the equivalent of 5 star hotels. The classrooms are fully equipped with modern technology, white boards and all the materials students and teachers might need for the class. For special subjects there are specially designed classrooms (music rooms, chemistry labs, biology labs, computer labs, etc.). There are both indoor sports facilities (gym, swimming pool, table tennis rooms, billiard rooms) and outdoor courts (football court, tennis court, volleyball court, etc.). Both students and teacher have access to a fully equipped library.
So as a teacher, you will be able to teach your subject in the best conditions and environment.

What would a teacher earn teaching in an International school like this?

Well, already you can see that teaching in a Qingdao International School has the potential to be a great position for any teacher. But besides the environment and all the comfort, you get other benefits too. The salaries in an International School are pretty high compared to the other local schools and that is why, for most of the teachers, International Schools are the first option.
But this is not all. Besides the good pay, you will also get house allowance, work visa, paid leave, insurance and some other small benefits that vary from one school to another. But as we all know, jobs that are paid good and have so many benefits are hard to get.

So what are the requirements for you to get a job in an international school?

There are 3 major aspects that you need to cover in order to land a job like this.

  1. Depending on the subject you will be teaching, the requirements can vary, but for any of them you will need to have at least a Bachelors degree in that area.
  2. For English teachers things might be a little more difficult if you are not a native speaker. In China schools tend to accept only native English speakers. But native or not you still need to have some kind of ESL type certificate.
  3. And, of course, experience. In order for you to get the work visa you need at least 2 years work experience. But the schools require more than that. If you can show on your CV that you have been teaching for some years and maybe also have been teaching in different countries, this will boost your resume and give you more chances to land the job.

In some situations schools might also consider the age of the applicant or the nationality (mostly because of the difficulty to obtain the work visa).

Qingdao International Schools give teachers great job opportunities with great pay and great environment. But the requirements to land a job there are very strict and not everyone can qualify. So if you are planning to apply make sure your C.V. is looking as good and as polished as possible!

GOOD LUCK!!!! We will be here to help your application be received with as much success as possible.

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