Study in China

MTA Network is proud to present a number of different Courses for students who are interested to pursue their studies abroad in China. Our university programs are as follows: MBBS Programs (Medical studies), MIB (Masters in International Business),  ICBP (International Chinese Business Program), Degrees in Engineering and Chinese language classes.

These Courses are open to all nationalities and are taught upon international platforms within our partner Universities. This means that they are all of International Standards, taught in English (Mandarin studies are only compulsory or for the first year and is only required as overseas students should understand basics of Chinese culture) and are all in universities with strong history, reputation and academic specialization.

International appraisal for China’s education system has been growing every year up until today, 2016 is set to be the highest intake of international students to date. Each year since 2009 the average growth of international students studying in China has been growing at an average of 10 percent per a year.