Study Chinese Language

Whether you’re already learning Mandarin or a complete beginner we have courses to help you reach your goals It’s often said “Learning the Mandarin Language can be challenging and time consuming”. To this we simply say “it doesn’t have to be!” Learning Mandarin outside of China is difficult, slow and demoralizing but in China, the environment itself will boost your opportunity to speak, read and write!
In our Mandarin Classes you have the option of taking one to one, small group or a combination of both classes!
In these classes you will have consistent opportunity to speak, ask and interact with your teacher and classmates. Beyond this you will also have the chance to do some activities with your class at no extra cost, to learn more about the Chinese culture and life here in China.

Learn Mandarin language faster through our China Homestay

Participating in our China Homestay program will give you the chance to see how Chinese people live. Thus, allowing you to have real insight on China, a more authentic one. You will also have this unique opportunity to discover one of the most diverse eating cultures in the world and to increase your Chinese skills like never before!