Teach in International School

Qingdao has a large number of International Schools that are aiming to combine Western and Chinese education for the students to have a bilingual environment. This will result in a more divers learning experience that will give students the opportunity to study abroad. As an English/Subject teacher, you will have the opportunity to teach in these International Schools, not only Chinese students, but students from all over the world. Whatever subject you will teach, English, Mathematics, Physics, Music, Art etc., you will be guiding your students towards a brighter international career.

Description, Benefits & Tasks of a Subject teacher

  • Preparing and creating lesson plans – Utilizing provided teaching materials to develop your own teaching style will be imperative to motivating and teaching young learners.
  • Teaching small group classes – Typically ranging from 1-6 understanding the dynamics of small group classes then teaching them will be required.
  • Teach one to one classes – teaching one to one is often the best way for students to learn at there own speed.
  • Teaching“English Corners” – These English Corners are often large groups of students who gather and discuss in a low pressure and fun atmosphere a subject that you will prepare.
  • Managing your classes and communicating with your students.
  • Managing extra curricular activities such as Clubs and trips in holiday time and on there weekend.  
  • Computer literate and basic MS office skills
  • Patience
  • Punctuality
  • Responsible attitude
  • Adaptable
  • Positive and motivated


  • Your teaching Salary will be between 15000 – 30000 RMB/month
  • Flight Reimbursement will be provided after the year’s completion 
  • Accommodation allowance between 2000 – 4000 RMB
  • Visa: Z - visa (Work Visa) invitation documentation will be fully provided
  • Insurance
  • Airport pick up on your arrival day
  • Welcome package including introduction of Qingdao, bus routes, restaurants, places to visit, etc.
  • 24 hour emergency assistance

Interested to teach in International School?