Tips For New Interns

As an intern myself, I would like to give some tips to the fellow interns on how to make the best out of your stay in China. (specially within international companies) I have lived in Qingdao for over 3 years now, and it’s been amazing. I have learned a lot of things, including understanding Chinese tradition, how politics work here, Chinese eating and drinking culture (as funny as it sounds, it really is a thing) and I’m happy to say that it has been the most fruitful and enjoyable experience.

For this academic year, I am now a senior college student, I have no classes, everyone’s talking about thesis and internships, and I finally realized that I am very close to finally graduating and hopping in to real life, it felt like I was waking up from some kind of dream state, and it hit me hard. I had to have an idea as to how to survive real life. And that’s how a new chapter of my life had begun.

I was anxious to find a good suitable internship for myself. After a few days of anxiously messaging everyone I knew and brutally searching internship positions on the internet. I managed to find myself a few options and I chose to work at MTA Network – A company that has staff from all over the world, good healthy environment to work under, and most importantly a lot of things that I could learn.

From my experience, when you’re choosing your internship, the first thing you must consider is what you’re going to learn, what experience you can gain. As the saying goes “any experience is a good experience” you could choose anything you want, but because you’re sacrificing your time and energy, you should take it seriously and try to make the best out of it. If you’re going to make coffees, and copy papers all day, you’re not going to learn much. Your priority should be the experience, not how much money you’re making.

*Once you’ve found your company, it’s time to look at some tips for your internship.

Tip No.1 Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Internships are called internships for a reason, you are inexperienced compared to the older staff you’re working with, and it’s obvious for everyone. They would be happy to help you out. And NEVER pretend you can do the work you can’t, because it will only lead to misunderstandings and waste of time.

Tip No.2 Make sure you concentrate and do your best

And by doing your best I mean, dedicate yourself, make an effort to understand your position, do researches on the internet if you’re unsure about something, communicate with the team and try to improve yourself everyday!

Tip No.3 Understand your company

Understand their history how they do their business, what their priority is, and what you can do to help. It’s very important to understand what’s going on in the company.

Tip No.4 Don’t take it personally

Your career is your career, and your emotional feelings should be completely separated, whatever drama happens at work – It’s work! Everyone’s doing their job, and there’s no need to take it personally.

Tip No.5 Keep tracks

Review your work weekly. Set goals for yourself. You’re young and inexperienced, make sure you’re learning new things and improving. Don’t lose time by being stuck at the same level.

And finally, don’t forget to rest well and be healthy!
Good luck to all the new interns coming to China!

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