Are you tired of teaching jobs and are looking for a life changing opportunity in China ?

Are you tired of teaching jobs and are looking for a life changing opportunity in China ?


While some people have a vocation for teaching, others might not, but are still doing this job in China – teaching English.

Now, why would you do a job – even for a short period of time – if you are not happy? The ONLY TWO reasons to opt for teaching even though your heart is not in it would be the pay and the low working hours.

While teaching hours in China, mostly, are low (about 20 hours a week plus office hours), the paycheck is (for China) very decent – depending on your qualifications as a teacher you can get above 10.000RMB possibly with free accommodation or financial aid for the accommodation on top.

Apart from that, teaching English in China has absolutely no advantages over another job! Let’s take a look at why you should not – even for money – do a job which is not your vocation:

  • As a teacher you need to have a lot of qualities which includes working with children (as most teaching positions here in China are for kids). So generally, you should like children and not think of them as hairless monkeys…
  • You have to be very patient, explaining things maybe even 100 times just for them to forget anyways. Also, the attention span of a child is not as long as that of an adult. Double reason to be patient and calm.
  • You have to entertain the kids so that they stay interested in learning English. You need to find ways and means to teach them with games. This needs a lot of research and interest, which is hard to find if your heart is not in it.
  • You not only have to deal with the kids, but also with their parents and your boss – a Chinese boss and Chinese parents. Chinese culture and their mentality is totally different from Western countries mentality. The most important thing to them are the exam results. It does not matter if your child could ask for the way in English or buy Ice cream in English, but only the score on a piece of paper. Even if the child cannot say a single sentence, your job is done if the score is high.
  • In China, written contracts are not as important as in the western world. It is likely that the school will try to change your contract. The profit is the most important thing to them and the parent’s happiness of course. You are there to upgrade the image as a foreigner but other than that, you are only worth what you get them.

So, if your heart is not dedicated to teaching English, then you should not come to China to do it. Rather look for a job opportunity that can boost your CV and change your life in China! Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider coming to China in order to work:

Almost everything in China is cheaper than back home! You can have a good meal in a nice restaurant with friends for 5€, buy a bottle of coke or sprite for 50 cents and ride the bus for 10 cents!

Personal growth as you need to be responsible for yourself in a foreign country and organize your life there. Your self-confidence is more likely to increase as well as you have to learn how to cope with Chinese people staring at you. You will learn to be more open-minded towards different food, lifestyle, religion and so many more!

It will allow you to travel around China, which has countless beautiful spots for you to discover!

The next step is of course finding a job in China other than teaching. This can be a big hustle and hard for you, not only to find one, but also the Visa and accommodation issues.

An easy way into the full time employment market in China, especially if you are newly graduated with little experience, is through doing an INTERNSHIP! It allows you to experience the working climate in a Chinese environment, get to know your boss and colleagues BEFORE making a long-term commitment with them, your tasks and responsibilities as well as your city and life in China! Spending 6 months on an internship with the outlook for full time employment afterwards is a good investment in your future and your future dream career! Even if for some reason you would not want to stay in China afterwards, you would still have made this experience and adventure of living and working in another country!

So, change your path now, find your dream job now!

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