Top 10 reasons why an internship is important

French intern working as Brand Manager in a Branding Company in Qingdao. MTA Network French intern

Why do an internship? Why you think an internship is important?

One of the crucial factor that employers look for in a candidate when he is looking for job is EXPERIENCE.
As a young graduate, it is very difficult to answer the question during an interview:
“Do you have any job experience?”
In addition, to the lack of experience, it is sometimes hard for the employers to give young graduate a full time position in their company.

We, therefore ask ourselves, “If the employers don’t give me the opportunity to work and prove ourselves, how can I gain work experience?”

Well, the simple answer to this question is

“Get yourself an Internship!”

Internship Description

An internship can be describe as the learning phase to step into the real corporate world. During this period, we will be working like full time employees, but with the status of learning about the job, gaining experience and improving our skills.

Internships can be done in a range of sectors, including sales, marketing, engineering, graphic design, management, I.T. and many, many more. Throughout an internship you will develop a variety of soft skills, including communication skills, personal effectiveness, presentation skills, creative problem solving and influencing skills.

French intern working as Brand Manager in a Branding Company in Qingdao. MTA Network French intern
Brand Manager Internship in a Branding Company in Qingdao.

Here is the list of reasons why you must do an internship.

  1. Employers wants to see the potential of the young graduate before hiring you.

    A staggering 95 percent of employers said candidate experience is a factor in hiring decisions, according to an annual survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

  1. Employers see that internship program is the best path to hire entry-level candidates.

    During your internship period, you will get to understand the company, know about the business and your daily tasks. You will have the chance to prove your skills and potential to your employer so that he can give you the chance to be a full time employee. Matthew Zinman,founder of Internship Institute reports that IBM hires up to 2,000 interns annually and converts more than half of them to full-time hires.

  1. You have the chance to have a better salary than other entry-level candidates.

    Since you have gain working experience during your internship, you have the possibility to ask for a higher salary than another candidate that has just joined the company.

  1. Additional credit to your college degree.

    Many colleges provide credit for internships. So, make sure you get a Real Internship and earn more credit than your classmates.

  1. Internship helps you to take the right decision of your career.

    Before stepping into the working environment, you will have the chance to decide if your field of work was the right choice, or not. Sometimes, we tend to imagine that joining that company, and be hired at this position will be awesome. But in reality, it can be the opposite!

Internship at a hair company in Qingdao. MTA Network Zimbabwean intern.
Zimbabwean intern working in Chinese company.
Internship at a hair company in Qingdao. MTA Network Italian intern.
Italian intern working in a Hair company, and learning how Chinese business works.
  1. Be more skillful.
    During this short period of time, you will develop several skills that many employers look for – Team work, independent work, communication, leadership, problem-solving, motivation.
  1. Gain confidence.

    If you’re not sure how you will react on your first day of work, well, an internship can teach you how an everyday working life experience will be.

  1. Build work habits.

    Being a student, we have free time to go around and do whatever you want. Sometimes we tend to miss class, or forget to submit an assignment. But, when you step into the corporate world, it’s a huge difference. We have to be more responsible, be on time, and make sure we can finish all our tasks on time.

  1. Build your network and your resume.

    During your internship, you may find a mentor or someone who you will look forward to seek advice. It will also help you to join some networking events, where you will have the chance to build your network and know people in different working areas.

    Having an internship listed on your resume, can make a big impression to your future employer. You will also have the possibility to include your references.

  1. Earn some money.

    Not all internship positions are paid, but if they do, you can earn a little extra for your own benefit.

Be creative! Be motivated! An internship period will be very helpful in your career decision and in your career path.

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French interns at a Branding Company in Qingdao - MTA Network French Interns
Interns team building.
Interns having meeting. It’s just not an internship!

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