Top 5 strange dishes in China.

Frog dish

Top 5 strange dishes in China.

I am one that does not bad-mouth food from any country or any culture. I love to try new things and experience new tastes.  With this in mind, now and then, I can be like “ ewww, why do Chinese people eat this”?

But deep down we have to understand that cultural difference is huge and sometimes misunderstood.

For example, so many people feel mortified that in some cities in China they eat dog meat and they even have festivals about it.  Because “Dogs are friendly and smart”. Just so u know studies show that pigs can outsmart dogs if treated like pets.

Personally I am not a big fan of any kind of pet, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable eating it or watching them “mistreat” them. But we have to know that is all about your cultural education. If I decide to have a chicken as a pet everybody will laugh at me because that is what we learn to call “food” instead of “Pet”. But where do we actually draw the line?

In my country we kill chickens by directly slicing their throat. Sometimes they even get to run around without a head for a few minutes before we pour them in to boiling water and start to remove the feathers. Nobody calls it cruel because is what even seen our grandma doing since we were born. It’s just a normal thing.

But we see somebody killing a dog with the intent of eating it we feel bad and disgusted. But look, it’s just like Indians don’t eat Beef and Muslims don’t eat pork for religious reasons. It’s Strange for us and normal for other people.  I cannot imagine a life without my baked pork ribs now and then.

But, just for fun let’s take a look at Chinese diches we can call “strange”.

  • Frog dish

Never in my life I imagined seating in a table with a plate of frogs in front of me. But nowadays any buffet dinner you go you find that special frog dish and it has become something normal. But last week I saw this picture on WeChat that gave me goosebumps. Then I showed it to my Chinese friend and she said: yes, it’s a very famous dish in my hometown. We don’t even kill the frogs directly. We just pour hot water in it then we start cooking it. I don’t need to describe how mortified I was.

Frog with potatoes - Chinese stange dish

  • Alive Donkey dish

Somewhere in China you can go to a restaurant and pick a donkey (just like picking a fish at the supermarket) then you decide which part of the donkey you would like to eat. At that exact moment while the donkey is still alive the cook pours hot oil on the donkey, to “cook” the specific part you chose, then cut it and serve it to you. How cruel is that?

donkey meat cook alive - Strange Chinese dish

  • Alive baby mice dish

First you clean up the newly born baby mice, put them in to the bowl full of spice and sauce, eat them just like that with chopsticks while they’re moving and screaming. I cannot imagine myself eating something like that.

Live mice dish

  • Mao Dan (Eggs with chicks) dish

Mao Ji Dan refers to a kind of eggs with dead unhatched chicks inside. This is a very unhealthy food usually sold in night markets in China. The unhatched chicks are killed by germ infection or improper temperature and humidity. Eggs are always cooked by steam, boiling or deep fried and some people really enjoy it.

Chick in Egg dish

  • Drunk Shrimp dish

It’s not enough they eat it while alive, there is also a dish where they pour the shrimp in to a bowl of wine, leave it there for a few minutes then eat it when it gets “drunk”.

Drunk Shrimp

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